Courier API Endpoints

An Introduction to Courier's API Endpoints and their functionality.

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The Courier API provides several endpoints that allow your application to brand and send messages, create and request details about an individual message, and manage profile, preference and Lists information for each recipient in your audience.

The API also supports idempotent requests for safely retrying requests without accidentally performing the same operation twice. If you're new to Courier, you can also follow one of our technical Getting Started with Courier Guides to send your first message.

Courier APIs

  • The send API lets you send a notification to a specified recipient asynchronously with a single call.

  • Courier's Automation API let you trigger a series of steps –like send, delay, update profile, fetch-data– where each step represents a specific action that the automation will execute on your behalf when a single event is sent to the Automation API.

  • The Brands API lets you Get, Post, Put, Delete Brands programmatically.

  • Brands are reusable email templates with custom headers and footers that let you build a single email notification that can be used for multiple brands.

  • Use the Messages API to fetch the statuses of messages you've previously sent.

  • The Events API allows you to manage your Events (create/update, list, get) programmatically.

  • You can also associate an event string passed into the send command with an existing notification.

  • The Profiles API allows you to create and manage the profile information associated with an individual recipient.

  • A recipient_id is a unique identifier for a recipient. This can be any string of your choosing.

  • A profile is a JSON object that includes any key-value pairs required by our Integrations. You can find the required keys for any Integration on its "Integrations" page. See the "Integration Introduction" for details.

  • The Preferences API allows for notifications to be disabled per recipient. This can be done using the API or by adding an Unsubscribe Link to the notification.

  • The Lists API lets you create Lists and subscribe one or more recipient profiles to them in the Courier database. You can send a message to all the recipients you subscribed to that list with a single Send API call.

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