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What are Channels and Integrations?
What are Channels and Integrations?

Understanding what Courier Channels and Integrations are and how they work together.

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Two important features and concepts in Courier are Channels and Integrations. Channels and Integrations are related, but separate things in Courier that work together to allow you to build and deliver notifications to your users with a single API call.

What is a Channel?

A Channel is a notification category or type. Courier allows you to build notifications for four different Channels: email, direct message, SMS and push notification.

In order to send notifications via a channel, you must add one or more integrations. You can prioritize the send order of the channels and set conditions to disable them.

What is an Integration?

Integrations are the service providers you connect to Courier so that it can send your notifications. Rather than replacing your existing providers, Courier passes your Notifications to the providers you already use via these channel integrations. This allows you to create and manage notification content across multiple service providers in one place.

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