Action Block

Availability: All channels

The Action Block presents the recipient with an action to perform. Depending on the channel, this could appear as a button or a link.

Block Level Options

When you select an Action Block, you are presented with a toolbar with the following formatting options depending on the notification channel.


  • Presents you with a model to set the Friendly Text and Action. For most channels, the action is a URL. For Slack, you can opt to use a webhook.


  • Displays the action as a button - not available in all channels. If you drag a button from the reusable content library into a channel where the button is not an option, Courier automatically reformats it into a link.


  • Displays the action as a link.


  • Allows you to align the content of the block left, center or right.


Presents you with a color picker to select the button color. You can use a color from the palette or enter the hex value for a custom color - or select from pre-defined brand template colors. This option is only available for buttons.

Hide an Action Block using conditions

It is possible to hide an Action Block - or any other type of block - using conditional filters. When the User Profile data matches the filter rules, the block will be hidden.

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