Creating Notification Categories lets you group notifications so end-users can set preferences for more than one notification at a time. You also have the flexibility to override any category settings within any individual Notification assigned to a category.

Creating Notification Categories

To create a Notification Category:

  1. Open the Settings > Notification Categories

  2. Click 'Create New"

  3. Give you Category a name.

  4. Configure the recipient's ability to disable the Category as 'On' or 'Off'.

Courier settings page

Adding Notifications to a Category

To add a Notification to a Category, open the Notification's General Settings and select a Category from the dropdown menu. Note: Notifications can only belong to one category.

Courier category settings

Category and Notification Config

Category Config gives lets you set whether or not recipients can disable an entire category of Notifications with a single click.

When 'Can Recipients Disable' is 'On' - all Notifications that you add to that category will be disabled as well unless you change the Category inheritance rules for a specific Notification via its Notification Settings.

Notification Config lets you opt Notifications out of the Category level configuration and define whether a recipient can disable the Notification independent of the config of the Category it belongs to.

Using Courier notification settings to allow recipient's to disable a notification
  • When Inherit from Category is 'On', the recipient's ability to disable the notification is defined by the Category Config.

  • If Inherit from Category is 'Off', you are able to define whether or not a recipient can disable that notification independent of the configuration of the Category the notification belongs to.

Read more about adding an unsubscribe link to disable Notifications.

Read more about the Preferences API to explore how you can unsubscribe a user from an entire category.

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