You can invite teammates to your workspace, require them to login via Google SSO, and choose to make your workspace discoverable to teammates who sign up on their own using your verified email domain.

To invite your team to your workspace:

  1. Open Settings > Team

  2. Click 'Invite User'

  3. Invite one email at a time

Security Settings

Require Google SSO

To require your teammates to log in via Google SSO

  1. Open Settings > Team

  2. Check 'Require Google SSO from configured domains'

Make your workspace discoverable to users signing up with your domain

You can elect to allow users who sign up with emails that match your domain to discover and request joining this workspace. They will not have access unless you grant it.

  1. Open Settings > Team

  2. Confirm your email domain is in the list of Approved Domains (if not, contact support).

  3. Check 'Users from approved domains should be able to discover my workspace' under Discoverability & Security.

  4. This will allow for your workspace to be discoverable and give you 3 options from a drop down menu from which you can toggle your preferences.

    1. Everyone from an approved domain can request access means an admin needs to approve the request.

    2. Everyone from approved domain can join means users from an approved domain can join right away.

    3. Must be added by an IT admin means an IT admin needs to manually add new members (this is a setting that’s especially for companies using Okta provisioning).

Remove Users from your Account

  • Open the drop-down menu to the right of the user's email address, and select "Remove User".

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