Notification Design Studio

Courier's Notification Design Studio empowers every team member to build beautiful, multi-channel notifications with an easy-to-use graphic user interface.

Create Notifications

Add and prioritize Channels

Add new channels to a Notification with a single click then drag them to reorder their send priority.

Reusable, drag & drop content without writing code

Every channel allows you to use drag and drop content blocks to place content without writing any code. Content you create in one channel is available in the Content Library for use in other channels.

  • Consistent rendering across every email client.

  • Reuse content in any channel.

Read more: How to build a notification that's ready to send.

Create and apply consistent branding across all your notifications

  • Branded email templates

  • Reusable brand code snippets

  • white-labeled email branding

Read more about customizing and using Brands.

Preview Your Notifications

The Designer allows you to preview branding, content and test variables or Handlebars code in every channel.

Access Notification and Channel Settings

  • Access Channel settings to manage channel send conditions, reorder integration send priority and

View, search, and filter your Notification list.

Use the search field to locate a Notification by name, channel or tag. Create tags and then use the tag filter to narrow your list view.

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