Channel Settings overview

A quick introduction to the Channel settings: where they are, what information they provide and what you can do with them.

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The Channel Settings contain important configurations that allow you to define if and when the Channel will send to users or be disabled. You can also add integrations and order the send priority when there are multiple integrations in a channel. Channel and integration-specific settings are here as well.

There are three sections of the Channel Settings. Read on for details.

  • General

  • Conditions

  • Integrations

Opening the Channel Settings

To view the Channel Settings, open the Notification in the designer list, then click the settings icon next to the Notification name.

Opening Channel Settings

General Settings

General Settings for a Notification


  • Name or rename the Channel

Always send to

  • When set to "Best Of" the Channel will only attempt to send if none of the channels prioritized above it were unsuccessful.

  • When set to "Always" the Channel will be removed from the send priority hierarchy so that every recipient receives the message via this Channel (provided their profile contains the necessary data).

Continue reading about setting Channel priority rules.


  • When set to Disabled, the Channel will not send under any conditions and will be skipped in the "Best of" Channel send hierarchy.

Disabling a Notification Channel in Courier


  • The Channel will be removed from the Notification and can be done safely without deleting any content created in this Channel from the Library.

Email-specific General Settings

  • To configure the From address, Reply-To address, CC addresses, and BCC addresses on an email, open the Channel settings.

  • For a more advanced approach, you can use replacement variables in these fields to customize the addresses.

Email Channel Settings for a Notification


Using the Conditions tool in the Channel settings allows you to use properties from the data or profile objects provided by the Send API call or User Profile to prevent the Notification from sending when specific conditions are met. Note: Channel Conditions are applied only to the specific Channel within the Notification where you set them.


You can manage and configure integrations for each Channel within the channel settings.

Adding an Integration to a Notification Template
Adding Details for a New Provider Integration


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