The Courier Notification Designer allows you to preview branding, content, test variables or Handlebars code in each channel and send test emails.

How to preview your Notification

To preview a Notification, open it in the Notifications tab of the designer and select Preview:

Test Event Required

When you initially open the preview tab on the demo Welcome to Courier email, there will be a generic "Welcome Example" event with an empty profile.

This is why any variables you insert into the Example template will not work until you add your own custom Test Event or update the JSON of the Welcome Example.

Note: to send an email notification or SMS via the Send tab, you will need to include an email and/or phone # in the profile object of the test event Json.

Previewing Variables

To preview and validate any variables you've built into the Notification, you need to create a Test Event.

  • Click Manage Test Events in the Preview.
  • Add valid JSON with values in the data and/or profile objects for your variables.

Read more: JSON Paths and Using Substitution Variables in your Notifications.

Email preview

Email is the only channel that will show a fully rendered image as it will appear to the recipient in the preview. In other channels the preview only allows you to validate the variables.

SMS preview

Other Email-only preview options

Send a test Email

When previewing an Email Notification, you can send a test email by selecting yourself or other members of your Tenant to receive it.

Preview Emails across multiple Brands

When previewing an Email, if you have created multiple Brand Templates, you can switch between them. If you haven't, then the Email preview will use your Default Brand design.

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