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Setting up Courier's Segment integration
Setting up Courier's Segment integration

How to Install the Courier Destination for Segment to automatically send data to Courier’s Profile and Event APIs.

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Courier’s Destination for Segment provides a no-code way to send data from Web or Mobile applications into Courier. Data and events flow from your application through Segment’s integration to Courier. In order to use Courier's Segment destination, you must already have Segment installed in your application.

Courier's Segment Integration is available to customers on Courier's Free, Developer, and Business tiers.

Segment Identify Event → Courier’s Profiles API

Courier’s Segment Destination will automatically ingest calls made to the Identify API and pass those events to the Courier Profiles API. You can use Recipient Profile data to customize notifications for any Recipient that has a Courier Profile populated.

Read more about Courier’s Profiles API.

Segment Track Event → Courier’s Send API

Courier’s Segment Destination will automatically ingest calls made to the Track API and pass those events to the Courier Send API. Unlike events sent via the Courier Send API, only those Segment Track events already mapped to a notification template will show up in the Data logs.

To use a Segment track Event to trigger a Courier Notification, you first need to map the event via Courier Event Settings.

Important: you will need to match the name of the Segment track event exactly when you create the event mapping using this format Segment-TrackEvent:your_event

Once you map that event to a published Notification, subsequent events sent by Segment will trigger a Notification send and appear in the Data logs.

Track Event by List or List Pattern → Courier’s Send List API

All the information supplied in the section above applies, with additional support for sending via a List or a List Pattern. By including either list or pattern in the `properties` object of the Segment track event, you can override the recipient and instead send to that list or lists that match the pattern supplied.

properties: {
courier: {
list: ""

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