Role-based Access Control (RBAC) is available to Courier customers on the Business Tier only. Free and Developer tier users can upgrade to access roles.

Assigning roles to teammates in your tenant

Tenant administrators can invite teammates and assign/change teammate roles from a pre-defined list of roles.

Go to Settings > Team to invite, assign and manage team member roles.

Setting User Roles and Permissions in Courier

Roles and role-based feature access

Below you'll find the complete list of pre-defined roles and their feature access.

Note: Access to the data logs has three pre-defined levels:

  • Level 1: View a list of messages with a high-level summary

  • Level 2: View list of messages with high-level summary and message status details (received, sent, delivered).

  • Full Access: List of messages in logs along with high-level summary, message status details (received, sent, delivered). Rendered message visible in Logs.



Feature Access


Best for company administrators and business owners. Has permissions for everything.

  • Full read and write access

  • account management


Best for a team manager who doesn't need to update users or billing.

  • Full read and write access


Best for engineers and developers who will primarily work with Courier's API and template designer.

  • Read-only access in the Live environment

  • Full read and write access in the Test environment

  • Level 2 Logs Access in Production

  • Full Access to Logs in Test


Has the ability to update templates and brands but can't update integrations or settings.

  • Full read and write access for the Designer, Brands and Metrics

  • Read-only access for integrations and Lists

  • Level 1 Logs Access

Support Specialist

Best for customer support specialists regularly use the platform but don't need to update templates or brands.

  • Read-only access to Designer, Brands, Integrations

  • Full read and write access in Lists and Metrics

  • Full Logs access


Best for users who need full read-only access to the platform (except logs).

  • Read-only access to the Designer, Brands, Integrations and Lists

  • Full access to Metrics

  • Level 2 Logs Access

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