Recipients List

Your Recipients list is found in the Data logs of your Courier tenant. To view your list of Recipients, open Data Log > Recipients.

Menu navigation for the recipients list in the data log

The top-level Recipient view is a sortable, filterable list of recipient profiles that provides the following information

  • Recipient_ID
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • A timestamp marking the most recent update to the profile.

When you click to open up an individual Recipient profile from the list, you will see:

  • Profile details.
  • Preferences (coming soon)
  • List Subscriptions
  • Recent Messages

Recipient 'Profile' view

The recipient profile gives you a detailed view of the recipient's personal information, as well as a view of the channel providers that have been integrated into your tenant through which they are configured to receive notifications.

To edit a recipients profile:

  1. Open Data> Recipients and click the recipient profile you want to edit
  2. Click 'Edit Recipient Profile' to add or change the recipient's personal information

Preferences view - COMING SOON

Recipient's List Subscriptions' view

The Lists view lets you see all the lists the recipient is currently subscribed to. You can search this list using List Id

Recipient's Recent Messages' view

The Recent Message view gives you a searchable, filterable view of all the notifications sent to the user along with the status and providers.

Similar to the Messages Data Log, you can search the recipient's Recent Messages log by time, notification, message status and provider.

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