Sending email attachments

How to send attachments with Courier emails using integration overrides

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Courier supports email attachments via an integration override

Transactional emails frequently include attachments, such as an invoice, order confirmation, or other statements.

  • Courier supports adding attachments to emails using an override in the send command.

  • The specifics of using an override depend on your email provider.

See the Override section of your provider's Courier integration doc for details on how to add an attachment.

Email channel-level attachments

Courier also supports email channel-level overrides. The email channel override allows you to add an attachment to all your email channels* within a template with a single override

*Note: attachment overrides done at the channel level will only work with Mailgun and AWS SES currently. To add attachments to other providers, see the

override section of the integration-specific doc linked above.


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