Using the Data Logs

A guide to the Courier data logs and how to navigate the information they provide about messages, automation, recipients and lists.

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The Courier Data Logs provide a timeline and insights into the status of your notifications, recipients, lists and automations.


Message Logs

The Courier Data Log provides important information about the delivery status of Notifications and insight into any errors encountered by a Notification.

Courier Data Log Navigation

Your Notification Data Logs at a glance

The Data logs convey a great deal of information in the summary view:

  • The Status of each message Send

  • The Notification and Recipient of associate with each Send status

  • The Provider channels for the Notification

Providers Selected For Previous Messages

Send Status Key and Definitions

Each step in the Send status has a visual representation.

Messages Status Types
  • Queued: Courier has received a properly formatted and valid Send API request and is attempting to Send the Notification.

  • Sent: means that the channel provider sent the message to the recipient

  • Delivered: certain channel providers allow us to confirm that the message was accepted (in the case of Email this means it hit their inbox).

  • Opened: the message was delivered and opened by the recipient (only available for certain channel providers).

  • Clicked: user clicked a link in the notification. (This is only available for certain channel providers and only after you enable click tracking in Courier settings).

  • Undeliverable: The channel provider did not accept the send request from Courier.

  • Unmapped: the Notification ID does not exist or the Event ID included in the send command is not mapped to a Notification.

  • Has Errors: indicates that the timeline in theSend detail view includes an error response.

Notification Log Detail View

To view the details of a Notification Send, click the Notification in the list view to open the Log details.

Notification Log Timeline and Summary

Send Detail View

When you click a Notification to open the Log Detail view you will see a Summary and Timeline.

  • Summary - See details like the Message and Recipient IDs, as well as Date and time stamps for Send stages (Enqueued, Sent, First Delivery, Status, etc.).

  • Timeline - detailed timeline of everu step in the timeline. The timeline can be scrolled and events in the timeline can be clicked to open additional details.

Open the Timeline event detail view to see Error messages

If you want to see the details of any event in the Timeline, click it to open. As an example, you can click into Error Encountered in the timeline to review the error message.

Error Messages on Notification Sends

Filtering your Message Logs

The Data Log includes a Filter to search and narrow your Notification Logs by Send Status, Errors, or to inspect the results of specific Providers, Notifications, or Recipient.

Filtering Your Notification History by Status

Date, Recipient and Notification Filters

  • The Log date filter allows you to filter to see notifications send on specific dates (see the pricing page for details on log retention timeframes).

  • Filter by Email or Recipient ID

  • Filter by a specific Notification or search them all.

Filtering by Notification Type

Notification Status Filter

You can filter your Notification Logs by selecting one or more Status types: Queued, Sent, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Undeliverable or Unmapped*.

*Unmapped means that an Event was posted to our Send API with an eventId that does not map to a Notification or an invalid Notification ID.

Filtering by Multiple Statuses

Error Status Filter

You can also identify Notifications with any status that also have errors.

Error Status Filter for Notifications

Provider Filter

You can review the logs of any combination of your integrated providers by selecting them in the Provider Filter.

Filtering Past Messages by Provider

Automation Logs

The Automation logs provide detailed insights into the status of an Automation run as well as step details.

Automation run list:

Clicking into one of the automation in log opens the run summary, providing details on each of the steps in the automation.

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