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Updating Slack Notifications via the Replacement Key
Updating Slack Notifications via the Replacement Key

How to set the replacement key path in the Slack channel integration settings.

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To update the content of a Slack notification previously sent via Courier, you need to set the "replacement key" path in the Slack channel settings within your notification template.

We typically use "ts" as the value. Courier will then look for this key in the data block you pass to our API and use that to update an existing message instead of posting a new one.

Setting a Key Path to Update a Previously Sent Slack Notification

Setting the Replacement Key Path in the Slack Channel Settings

  1. Open the notification

  2. Hover over the Slack Channel (or Direct Message channel with Slack set as the integration)

  3. Click on the Channel Settings slide out menu

Selecting Slack Channel Settings in Courier

4. Click to open the Slack integration

Selecting the Slack Integration

5. Set the Replacement Key Path

Setting a Replacement Key Path

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