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Send Basics: How Notifications are triggered and sent with Courier
Send Basics: How Notifications are triggered and sent with Courier

Triggering a notification through Courier requires one Send API call.

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Courier lets you design your notifications once and deliver them to any channel–push notifications, direct messages, SMS, and email–with a single Courier API rather than having to integrate each provider API separately.

One API call is all that is required

Each notification you send requires a Send API call to trigger it. A notification can have multiple channels, but one Send API call is all that's required to trigger multi-channel notifications.

With the Courier Lists API, you can even send a Notification to a List of users with a single API call.

Your application events are what trigger Courier to send a Notification

Notification triggers stored within your application tell Courier when an "event" has happened that should trigger the Notification (via the Send API).

You can map an event to messages either through the Events API or in the Event Settings in the Courier web application. You can also use the Notification ID found in the Notification Settings as the event in your send command.

Read more about how to create and map Events.

Channel Integrations required

Sending Notifications through a channel requires that you Integrate at least one Channel Provider.

Read more: See a list of Channel Providers.

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